While on our cruise to Bermuda, 'Meet Joe Black' was shown on the ship's TV ----- my God! ------- my God! --- I have been shaken in my belief in a supreme being.
If there is a God and if this God is all powerful and if this God has any concern at all for those he created -- this film would not exist.
Production values --- better than any movie ever made -- the same as Godfather III --- wonderful production values, great sets, ----watching this disaster of a film was like sitting at a dinner table with a beautiful place setting of fine bone china and crystal before you and never getting anything to eat or drink.
It was worse for me because I had the honor and privilege to have seen the 1934 original version of "Death Takes A Holiday" -- a true classic and worth seeing in 1999.
Watching paint dry would provide more enjoyment than sitting thru JOE BLACK.
If you saw this mess and liked it, please don't write me --- I would only refer you to a mental health or drug rehab facility near your place of residence - so skip me and check yourself in A.S.A.P.
If you were to shoot the director and writers of this mess - no jury in the western world would convict you -- they would make you a candidate for high elective office and you would run unopposed and be victorious ( which is normally the case when running without opposition).
The jury would only have to follow the instructions of the presiding judge to free you. The judge would inform the jury that in American jurisprudence there is the concept of "justifiable homicide" -- the director and writers of 'Meet Joe Black' did not deserve to live.
You would have done the nation a commendable deed in terminating them "with extreme prejudice."
In case I have not made myself clear -- if a gun is held to your head and you have to see this film or be shot to death --- just inform the gunman whether you prefer cremation or burial and consider yourself lucky you did not have to sit through this disaster of a flick.

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