I have great news to share with Greenville County, South Carolina and America. We have it within our power to put an end to recidivism in the male prison system. Under my plan, only the deaf and blind would dare to be incarcerated. We must stop believing that time in jail in a deterrent to crime -- we must sentence male convicts to watch BECAUSE I SAID SO - no man would ever return to a place that issued such harsh disciple. Of course, the flaw in my plan is that the U.S. Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. People are warned about tobacco and alcohol, but the theatre is not required to alert men about the mental health dangers of time spent watching this toxic meltdown of a motion picture. THIS FILM HAS A 60 YEAR OLD DIANE KEATON, TRYING TO HANG OUT WITH HER THREE DAUGHTERS, LIKE ONE OF THEIR FRIENDS. SHE IS OBVIOUSLY INSANE AND THESE GIRLS HAVE MAJOR PROBLEMS IN NOT KICKING THIS OLD TIMER TO THE CURB AND GETTING ON WITH THEIR LIVES. THIS IS THE MOST SIMPLISTIC MOVIE I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS THAT WAS NOT IN A CARTOON FORMAT. IT IS TOO CHILDISH FOR THE DISNEY CHANNEL OR THE LIFETIME CHANNEL AND THAT IS ABOUT AS ELEMENTARY AS ANY FILM CAN GET. IT IS MY BELIEF THAT A FAIRLY LARGE PERCENTAGE OF MOVIE GOERS ARE JUST THERE TO BE THERE - THEY HAVE NO AWARENESS OF WHAT THEY ARE WATCHING ON THE SCREEN -- IF THE PICTURES LOOK PLEASANT, THEY ARE HAPPY - THESE NON-INVOLVED "VIEWERS" WILL ENJOY THIS FILM, SINCE THE SCENERY IS NICE AND THE ACTORS ENERGETIC AND THERE IS NO VILLAIN. THIS FILM IS TRULY FOR THOSE WHO ATTEND THE THEATRE JUST TO KILL TIME.THIS FILM IS THE PROTOTYPE OF A SERIAL TIME KILLER. I HAVE TOO MUCH RESPECT FOR WOMEN TO CALL THIS A CHICK FLICK.

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