THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM #3 Most great movies don't try it - No Casablanca 2 - No Gone With the Wind 2 - No Shane 2 -- Some try it and make it work -- Superman 2 - Godfather 2 - French Connection 2 -- Alien 2 - but this is one of the few times a film has pulled off the Hat Trick - Jason Bourne has maintained a superior level of action / adventure for three straight films - not an easy task. Some will mention Star Wars - Lord of the Rings - The Bond series with Sean Connery and The Ocean # series - they can make a good case, but the Bourne trilogy is so consistently good, that it ranks above the rest in my view. Sean is the only Bond and Matt is the personification of his troubled namesake, his stoic approach is so natural and appropriate to the character. Without Matt Damon, I don't know if the Bourne series could continue, he has that much ownership of the Jason Bourne character. In all three movies, there is a scene where Bourne is toying with the people who think they are hunting him. He interrupts their plots to inform them that he has them under his direct surveillance. In this film, Bourne raises that to a new height by informing the villain that he is sitting in the office of the corrupt official, who is searching for Bourne - the audience just loved this segment. Although they have done very well without my advice, I feel I must tell the producers that they have to move on from the storyline that Bourne is a rogue agent. If there is a fourth film, it must go in a new direction.

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