TIME SAVER -----> THERE IS NOT A SINGLE NEGATIVE WORD ABOUT THIS FILM ANYWHERE IN THIS REACTION. ****************************************************************************** I SAW MY FIRST MOVIE IN 1950 AND MY FIRST BROADWAY PLAY, SAMMY DAVIS, IN MISTER WONDERFUL, IN 1954 OR WAS IT, NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS, WITH ANDY GRIFFITH - I AM CONFUSED ABOUT WHICH WAS FIRST. I AM NOT CONFUSED ABOUT DREAMGIRLS, I SAW IT ON BROADWAY AND NOW, I HAVE SEEN IT ON THE SILVER SCREEN AND BOTH PRODUCTIONS HUMBLE ME. . WHEN YOU SEE THIS LEVEL OF TALENT AND CREATIVITY, AN AWARENESS OF GOD MUST COME INTO VIEW. THERE HAS TO BE SOME RECOGNITION THAT YOU ARE NOT WATCHING THE EFFORTS OF MERE MORTALS -- SOMETHING FAR BEYOND GREATNESS OR EXCELLENCE IS PRESENT IN BOTH THE STAGE AND SCREEN PRODUCTIONS OF THIS MASTERPIECE. I AM NOT WORTHY TO RECOMMEND THIS FILM AND I HOPE I HAVE NO ONE READING THIS MESSAGE, WHO IS SO DUMB THAT THEY NEED ME TO GUIDE THEM TO THE THEATRE TO SEE THIS SHOW; JUST FOLLOW THE CROWDS. THE CITIZENS OF GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA, PACKED THE THEATRE ALL DAY LONG AND I HAVE TO BELIEVE, MANY OF THEM, LIKE MYSELF, INTEND TO RETURN FOR A SECOND SHOWING. I HOPE TO LIVE LONGER - MUCH LONGER - BUT WERE I TO DIE TONIGHT, I WOULD COUNT HAVING SEEN THIS PLAY IN TWO FORMATS, AMONG THE GREATEST BLESSINGS GIVEN TO ME. *************************************************************************COMMENT - I saw Dreamgirls-everything you say about it is on target however I would give Jennifer Hudson my vote for best of everything I would have given the movie 4 stars. STAN GORDON - LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK****************************************************************************Big Gaff,We went to see The Movie of the Year, Dreamgirls...WOW! Enough said.A SMART FRIEND - CHARLOTTE, N.C.************************************************************* I just returned from seeing Dreamgirls, two words: ACADEMY AWARD!!! The movie is fantastic, in my opinion, Ms. Hudson stole the show. All I could think of was Lena Horne singing "Stormy Weather." A star has been presented to the both the music and cinema worlds. I know, she in not in the category of Ms. Horne, but the young lady has "it!" Beyonce did a wonderful job too, especially with the song "Listen." All the ladys were fantastic, people were applauding throughtout the film, especially for Ms Hudson sang, "I'm Not Going." I can't say enough about this film, maybe and simply, ENCORE! ARNOLD HOOK -- BROOKLYN / NASHVILLE

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