“Perfect Stranger” is like the camping trip you went on as a child. It was a great experience, but you were required to supply the necessary items to make it work. This movie has the basic elements there for you: the plot, the characters, the settings, the production values, the twists and turns are all in place. The movie just lacks emotion; that is what you will have to bring to the theater. Events take place on the screen, and you are just watching — no involvement, no concern, no one you can latch onto for the journey to the final scene. I just did not care about anyone in the film, but if you do, this is a worthy movie. It is also a Halle Berry fashion extravaganza — fabulous clothes! IN THE MOVIE, SHE IS AN UNEMPLOYED REPORTER, WORKING UNCOVER FOR BRUCE WILLIS, TO SEE IF HE IS A MURDERER. I DON'T KNOW ANYONE WHO IS EMPLOYED FULL, AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF CORPORATE AMERICA, WHO CAN DRESS LIKE SHE DOES IN THIS FLICK. I AVOID ANY PLACE THAT REQUIRES MORE THAN A JOGGING OUTFIT TO MEET THE DRESS CODE -- YOU WOULD NEED A LONG SEARCH TIME TO FIND ANYONE WHO KNOWS LESS OR CARES LESS ABOUT CLOTHES AND FASHION, BUT EVEN I WAS IMPRESSED WITH THE OUTFITS THAT THIS TEMPORARY WORKER COULD FIND IN HER CLOSET. I WON'T EVEN MENTION THE HAIR, BUT IF I WERE TO MENTION THE HAIR --- I WOULD GUESS, SHE WOULD NEED ABOUT FOUR HOURS A DAY TO KEEP IT THE WAY IT WAS IN THE FILM - THATWOULD BE TIME HARD TO FIND IN REAL LIFE - IF YOU ALSO HAVE TO WORK - TRAVEL - TALK TO OTHER HUMAN BEINGS - EAT - SLEEP AND ANSWER THE VARIOUS CALLS OF NATURE, WHILE FINDING MINUTES TO SPY ON BRUCE WILLIS - WHICH WAS HER MAIN GOAL. NOT A GOOD PICTURE IF YOU LOOK TO DEEPLY, BUT IF YOU ARE JUST HAPPY TO SIT IN A DARK THEATRE FOR TWO HOURS, IT IS ACCEPTABLE - IF YOU WANT A FASHION SHOW -- IT IS AN AWARD WINNER.

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