Here is the problem with "Flash of Genius," we don't get the hero we expect.
No strong, sophisticated, confident and brave: Robert Redford, Denzel Washington, Clint Eastwood, or Brad Pitt types.
We get Greg Kinnear as our hero.
This man is far too much like ourselves. He is unsure, nervous, lacking experience and unable to frame his thoughts clearly at critical moments. Yet, if you hang in and forgive him his obsessive behavior at times, Kinnear's character is fighting the good fight and giving us a movie that is about more than crude sex, drugs, gangsters, explosions, serial killers or monsters from the darkside.
This is a rare film, one that is actually about something worthwhile, the search for JUSTICE.
Great supporting cast, Dermot Mulroney, Lauren Graham, and Alan Alda.

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