Edward Norton is expected to give a superior performance in every film he makes.
Colin Farrell is becoming synonymous with movies that are not very good; here these theories hold true for both actors.

Pride and Glory is a “connect the dots” movie. The dots are episodes of insane violence.

The spaces are contrived moments of family drama, that never ring true.

The premise of the story is that this family of cops is very close knit, but they are all ignorant of what their loved ones are doing. The story cannot flow well with this dichotomy at its center.

John Voight’s character is a ball of confusion, is he: an alcoholic, a concerned father, an egomaniac, senile, a corrupt cop, an honest man in a sea of crooks – I never figured it out and I am not sure he could tell you.

There is no subtlety in this movie - all the violent scenes are over the top. The film depends on
no one knowing that the cops are corrupt and then figuring out which cops, if any are corrupt.

These crooked police are walking around with sandwich boards on their bodies, announcing that
they are out of control. Their outrageous conduct in public, undermines the entire film.

The most basic test of a film is when you first step into the light on the street and ask yourself, was this worth the time -- PRIDE AND GLORY was not.

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