This movie is okay if you are:
1. A fan of the old television show
2. In a good mood and looking for 90 minutes of mindless escape from reality
3. A Will Ferrell fan
4. A romantic couple, just happy to be sitting together in the dark
5. An old guy slipping quietly into senility ( but enough about me ).

The audience around me enjoyed the film. The two scenes with television show host, Matt Lauer were almost worth the price of admission.
The banter between Ferrell and co-star Danny McBride was always funny.
The bottom line is unless you fit into one of the categories above, you can stay home and save your money. This is not a film that most people will want to see, but it is true to the 1974 TV show and that gives them a pass to do crazy things and get away with it.

Just remember, don’t go with high expectations - you have been warned.

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