Director Tarantino ( whom I like ) bails himself out of all responsibility for making a solid film by starting the movie with four famous words – “Once upon a time.” Those words give him license to wander far afield and he does at times.
Brad Pitt ( whom I like ) is not the star of this movie and not very important to the story. This film belongs to two actors you never heard of: Christopher Waltz as the intellectual sadist, Colonel Lana, is the dominant character in the story. Daniel Bruhl as the young German war hero, Frederick Zoller, is fascinating as a good man on the wrong side in the war, we want him to be an American. Two women have strong parts to play, Melanie Laurent as a victim of Nazi terror and Diane Kruger, as an actress with strong political beliefs.
The opening scene, which might run 25 or more minutes, is tremendous, if you are late, wait for another showing.
This film is okay, but it lacks greatness and plays much too long and Brad Pitt is misused, his role is like comic relief between the real moments in the story; he is asked to bring humor to “Shindler’s List.”
Go see it, but lower your expectations.

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