“The Blind Side” is a positive, uplifting movie. This is a film that you can easily and quickly tell was not going to be a hard hitting, slice of life, expose of the dark side of human nature. I felt at least four of the real life people portrayed in the story had the right to approve the material presented. No one comes off looking negative in this story.
There is even a mild racial confrontation at a football game and
neither side seems unreasonable. No foul language is used and both the liberal woman and the racist man are polite and civil.
This film is designed to make everyone involved look good. I can’t think of a villain in the story. Even the drug dealers are more bark than bite.
Sandra Bullock delivers a tremendous amount of snappy punch-lines as the central character. This movie has no real threats to challenge the characters, very little is at risk, so the drama and tension are not present. The saving grace is that each of the family members have a distinct personality and we can identify with them. Football fans will enjoy seeing the various real life college coaches hamming up the screen in their cameo roles.
This is a well made film, but more geared to network television, than a theatrical presentation.

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