“Extraordinary Measures” is a film about children in peril. If you make such a story, you automatically create audience involvement.

The missing ingredient in most films is caring. We watch bullets flying, cars crashing, buildings blowing up, supernatural creatures killing and being killed by the thousands, but we don’t feel compelled to be emotionally concerned.

If you can watch this film and not feel joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, I would hope to never meet you.

The filmmakers could have used this true story of the Crowley family to manipulate the audience, but the director, Tom Vaughan, does not do that. The story is told in a very straightforward manner and the facts of the story provide the emotion, not any over the top dramatics by the actors.

Brendan Fraser is awkward as the father and slowly it dawned on me that any parent would be confused and unsure what to do next if their children were in crisis.

Harrison Ford is Harrison Ford, he does not need my recommendation.

If you are a parent or intend to be one, you need to see this film, but if you intend to be a superhero, there are about ten other films you could see.

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