I am not a young man, yet this film managed to use vulgar language in combinations I have never heard before. Children and those sensitive to foul language should skip “Cop Out.”
This movie is not in the running for any Academy Awards, basically it is a variation of the “Lethal Weapon,” buddy films.
Bruce Willis does not have much to do, his mere presence gives a certain aura of authority to his detective. Tracy Morgan has the over the top role of the loose cannon cop, he makes his oddball character work, not an easy task. Seann William Scott would have stolen the film from both stars if he had more screen time. Scott is a criminal who has the talent to be successful at anything he attempts and we wonder why he selected thievery as a career.
There are several brutal scenes in the film, more intense than you would envision in a comedy. Yet, for all of its faults, you will find yourself laughing at a fair share of the scenes in this film. “Cop Out” never tries to be more than a conglomeration of themes from other cop movies and so it does not set the bar very high for itself. If you wait, you will soon see this story on the small screen.
I found it strange that one of the female stars is not inccluded in any list of actors I could find. This pretty latin actress did something to upset someone in Hollywood, they are ignoring her role and it is a major part of the film.

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