Every generation has to take a crack at remaking a classic film, now it is the Wolfman’s turn. 80% of the time, I will side with the original version of a film, this no exception.
The movie is loaded with dramatic moments that are not very emotional – dramatic moments should be emotional.
The film has the creature portrayed as so powerful that is useless to fight against him; so hunting a creature that will surely kill the hunters seems foolish.
The good elements of this film are the moments when Anthony Hopkins and Hugo Weaving ( the powerful Agent Smith in "The Matrix”) are on the screen. Their scenes are always a step above the rest of the movie. When they are not in a scene, you will look forward to their return.
Benicio Del Toro will be labeled as giving a poor performance, but the writers
have not given him the main ingredient that drove his character, “Lawrence Talbot,” in the original movie, guilt and remorse for the actions of his alter ego’s killing sprees.
This Wolfman is not a sympathetic being and that is the key to the creature, we should know he hates what he does during the full moon, Del Toro does not seem concerned for the victims of his rampages. He is driven by family concerns and his own personal matters, not the suffering of

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