I called on sophomores, Jennifer S. and Angela T. from Mauldin High School, to put this third Toy Story movie into perspective. They agreed it was a fine addition to the series. Jennifer felt the new film was almost as good as the first movie and that was high praise.

Angela gave the writers credit for introducing new characters and working the world famous Ken and Barbie into the story for the first time. Both praised the plot for having very creative twists and turns, which caused them to remain alert and focused throughout the 103 minute running time. The element of 3-D did not really add much to the viewing experience.

Another point of agreement was that there will be many more Toy Story movies, because there has been no drop off in quality. With Tom Hanks, Joan Cusack, Michael Keaton, Ned Beatty and Wallace Shawn in the cast, greatness is expected.

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