If I am going to see a movie directed by Clint Eastwood, I give it four stars before I reach the theater parking lot; if I find a shortcoming, I deduct the appropriate stars.
I can’t recall ever having to make a reduction.
“Hereafter” is no exception.
This is a story aimed at the smallest market in the field of entertainment, thinking adults. This movie intertwines three main plots dealing with love, family, the pain of death, the need to carry on despite that pain, the difficulty of connecting with other human beings without losing our sense of self. This is not a fun movie, but one you will profit from seeing and more importantly, experiencing; you don’t just sit there, you get involved and share the pain of these good people. If you can’t identify with these people, you live in a wonderful world, most likely, all by yourself.

Hereafter was superb! Well written-directed-actors were top notch from suporting cast to Matt Damon's understated lead.
The new face to me was the french actress- last name Le France` she'll get some major pair ups with American top shelf leading men after her performance.
I stayed to watch the credits & nodded my head with respect to see that Eastwood also composed the music!!!
Strongly recommend Hereafter for the HERE & NOW -- go soon if you're a fan of great films.

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