CONAN - 2011

"Conan" 2011, reinforces one of my long held beliefs, the remake rarely equals the original film. This film started off in grand fashion, I was prepared to recognize this new version as the equal of the excellent earlier production. Unfortunately, this "Conan" has a very flawed second half. Had the projector failed after an hour, I would be talking awards. The second hour had me thinking about refunds.

The last 60 minutes convinced me not to list the names of the cast or crew; their good start earned them all a show of mercy for the tedious final half. I give the start four stars and I deduct two for the sad closing half.

This is the first time I wrote a review without any research as to the cast or crew, but since this
was only half of a real movie, I feel justified in lowering the bar at my end of the deal.

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