"The Debt" is a difficult movie to review.
It is a finely plotted and supremely well acted film.
In this summer of vampires, zombies and machines that battle each other instead of making toast and mowing the lawn, this film should be an easy winner.
Yet, the darkness of the film is difficult to embrace; torture, suicide, murder, revenge, lost love and deceit, do not a comedy make.
"The Debt" is a good film about unpleasant topics and it should not be punished for showing us the worst elements of the human race - those elements do exist.
I don't recall one light moment in this film.
A good film about bad things.
The actors were outstanding, but none are names that you would recognize right away, except
Helen Mirren.
Don't take a date to this film, you will both leave the theater in an unromantic mood.

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