The secret to enjoying "Tower Heist" is to be forgiving.
The script is magnificent in certain sections of the film and moronic in other
The actors are always top notch, the writers seem to show up
for only 70% of the production.
Alan Alda is the best he has ever been in
his role as a Wall Street financial wizard; he steals the movie from a very good
cast of co-stars.
I was surprised that two ladies played significant roles in
what is basically a "buddy film."
Gabourey Sidibe and Tea Leoni are vial
characters in the story, that is unusual, most of the time women are only in these
films for their good looks, not their brains.
This is not a topnotch movie, but if you overlook the
faults and some foul language (the 'N' word), you will get a high return of
laughs for your investment.

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