I am telling my age, but "THE CAMPAIGN" is like an episode of "Ozzie and Harriet" or "The Andy Griffith Show," except with foul language and outrageous sexual content in every other scene. 
I loved this movie; it is over the top and out of bounds and no topic is safe from being dragged thorough the mud / madness.  
The cast is just so full of great actors, that it would take at least a page to list them. No film could open at a better time then an election movie with just under 100 days to our national presidential election fast approaching.
Both political parties get hit over the head and that is a good thing, the fair thing. The  deeper messages in this film take their time arriving, but they come with a power that
elevates this production to a higher plane then most recent comedies
Again, I was tempted to name some of the fine actors, but I would not know where to stop and many of you have to get to work or make it to an appointment.

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