This film was directed by John Hillcoat. This man directed one of the greatest films about a post apocalyptic America, "The Road."  He brings his skills to this film about three brothers making liquorduring prohibition. He is a plus.
Tom Hardy, best known as Bane, the evil villain ( aren't all villains evil?)in the most recent Batman film, was just great as the strongest and quietest of the three brothers.
Whenever his character, Forest, spoke, you paid attention.
Guy Pearce, created a persona for his character that made you 
pray to see his downfall.  Gary Oldman, was Gary Oldman; he makes any character larger than the actual role dictates.
 I never see Shia LaBeouf as any character he plays, I see him as Shia LaBeouf. 
This film is much welcomed by
me - no machines are fighting other machines - no spaceships are dashing from planet to planet chasing vampires. 
This film is about people trying to live by a certain code of
behavior, while they are breaking the law of the land; honor among thieves, might summarize the storyline.
There some missteps along the way, but the characters hold your interest until the last moment and that is a good thing
in any movie.
Warning: if bloodshed is going to bother you -- skip this film, without the blood letting, the film would be thirty minutes shorter.

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