enjoyed HANSEL AND GRETEL:WITCH HUNTERS; I can't assure you that you will share my view on this topic. One close friend and insightful movie fan, felt it was too gory. Still, I think it was clever to: 
* update the classic story with the siblings now grown up
*  clearly illustrate how fear and ignorance can create a mob mentally in decent folks
*  joke about technology with a primitive version of both the taser and machine gun
* show an early version of an insulin injection for diabetes
* tie up loose ends in the original story
I saw a lot of positive elements in this story, which, by the way, is too raw for children, it is 'R' rated. I am not rating the film as an award winner, but it was short and sweet  and that is a plus in this type of story.  They made it clear that a sequel is in the works -- I might not buy into a second chapter, but this one was fine with me.

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