I could start this review of the movie, "Side Effects" with one word -- Wow!
When I walk out of a theater and I am busy comparing the film I just saw with classics such as: "Vertigo" - "The Usual Suspects" - "Spellbound" - I know I have a winner.
One of the capital sins of reviewing is to  give the readers a "spoiler" item: telling them something that ruins the 
basic plot of the film, something that undermines the element of surprise in the story.
 I feel I can safely tell you this much -
nothing is as it seems in this story of
insanity and possible criminal activity.
The story is built around the over abundance of mood altering prescription drugs in our culture. There is a drug assigned to address every situation we face in the daily grind of life in these United States.
 My sincere advice is don't let down your guard as you watch this story unfold, don't fool yourself into thinking you are ahead of the plot - you will be putting together elements of this story long after the lights have come on and you are back home.
My advice, escape the transformers, vampires and zombies and see an adult film that requires you to think and question what you are seeing and hearing - in other words - a story with a real plot. 
Great work by Rooney Mara ( the star of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" ), Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Channing Tatum and all praises to director Steven Soderbergh
Don't forget what I told you - nothing is as it seems.

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