I am having a difficult time finding much to comment on  concerning "Temptation."  It is more like a two hour made for TV drama, then a film. It is not bad, it is just not worthy of being on the big screen in a dark theater. I can't motivate myself to critique such a basic, movie writing plot 101 story. 
It is not a good sign when:
1. I traveled home thinking I could have created this story on my journey
2Kim Kardashian stole a few scenes, it was petty theft.
 I repeat, it is not bad, if you are very easy to please and don't mind 
buying a ticket for a television show. It is not bad enough to attack, nor good enough to praise. 
    In all fairness, I have to salute the cast, they did all that could be done with such trite and obvious material.
Jurnee Smollett-Bell was the wife on an emotional roller coaster between Mister Right and Mister Seriously Wrong.  Lance Gross was the loyal husband. Vanessa Williams was the boss who could see
disaster coming. Robbie Jones, a television actor until now, was
the boyfriend from hell. Ella Joyce, formerly of the "Roc" television show,is the loving mom, praying for her daughter to see the light. 
I salute Brandy Norwood for making the best of the most contrived role I have seen in a film this year. A reader of mine said it best:
"I personally feel Tyler Perry is best with what has made him famous and that would be Madea."

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