Antoine Fuqua directed the film, "Training Day" in 2001.  I consider this as one of the worst movies I have ever seen and I have seen a great many films since my first journey to the theater in 1950, with my sister acting as a babysitter.  

If I was ordered at gun point to see this film again, I most likely would agree to do so, but it would be a tough decision.

This year, Director Fuqua has given us his latest film,"Olympus Has Fallen."  
Reviewers don't always go to a movie with an open mind, past experience plays a part to some degree in how a  film  will be evaluated.  I had to force myself to go to the theater knowing Mister Fuqua was at the helm of this 

After seeing "Olympus Has Fallen," I have done a 180 turn and wish to nominate   myself as the President of his Brooklyn fan club. The director was at the top of his game on this film. Director Fuqua was the star of this movie.

 Very few films can have a worthwhile  story survive a massive amount of gunfire. There was less shooting on "D-DAY" at Normandy, then there is in this invasion of 1600  Pennsylvania Avenue. It is a tribute to the director that the story is never lost in the gunfire and explosions. 
     Gerard Butler, as a presidential bodyguard, performs the duties usually assigned to "Superman",  yet he remains human and vulnerable - that is good writing and good acting.
      As always, you can assume  Morgan Freeman , Angela Bassett and Arron Eckhart  will be at the top of their game, they are true professionals. 

    I salute all involved in this film for not falling into the trap of allowing violence to dominate the story, courage and compassion rule the day, amid the gunshots and explosions and that is good film making.

  One last comment: Denzel Washington got an Academy Award for his role in the trashy "Training Day," but the award was really Hollywood payback for the recognition he deserved for his masterful performance in "Malcolm X." 

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