While researching the details for my review of "Gravity," I ran across this statement by a Canadian movie fan, I could not say it much better than this, so I "lifted ( stole ) much their statement :  

This movie is absolutely stunning from the get go. I can't 

remember ever being pulled into a film so completely and 

thoroughly, and I don't think I've seen a more beautiful film. 

Its an  intense ninety minutes, with Sandra Bullock's character 

constantly battling one catastrophe after another, and all of it is 

amazing to see. The plot is pretty straight forward, but its the 

way they pull it off that makes it absolutely worth seeing. 

Thanks to some incredible special effects, great direction, and 

solid acting, this movie is outstanding. George Clooney does a 

fine job with his character and they  are the only two characters 

on the screen, except for a brief  appearance by a fellow astronaut. 

 The bottom line is, you root for these two characters and once 

a film can get you that concerned, it is a good film.
Much of the credit has to go to Mexican writer, director, Jonas Cuaron.  

 I wish more films would limit themselves to a 90 minute format 

and stop dragging out material to reach the two hour mark, as 

if that is  a goal worthy of reaching - short and sweet still works 

for me.

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