I was born when this nation was still fighting World War II -- from that time until this, I would be hard pressed to think of a worst piece of -- this being a family paper precludes me completing the thought.

I feel I was a victim of a crime for having sat thru about 35 minutes of this trash. I feel unclean for allowing myself to fall victim to this absolute nothing of a film.
I didn’t even pay to see this film and I still feel I was robbed – 35 minutes were stolen from my life.

There may be someone out there who likes this film -- and that points out the need for more mental health facilities and longer jail sentences.

The next movie I see will be great -- any movie would be great, if you just saw even a few minutes of a movie that uses its name as a description of itself.

The only virtue of this production was that it gave fair warning of what to expect - the title was a sign I ignored - my bad. It was labelled "wet paint" and yet I sat down.

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