Lakeview Terrace was a disappointing film. There were times when I actually thought I would see the director giving prompts to the actors. The writing set up an interest premise about a racist cop, then failed to deliver very much in the last third of the movie.

There was no chemistry between husband, Patrick Wilson ( who
was sub-par in the “Alamo” and has not improved ) and wife, Kerry Washington. They seem like two people who met about five minutes before filming began.

Samuel L. Jackson tries, but his character repeats the same message so many times that it becomes TEDIOUS to hear him speak.

Ron Glass, from the old BARNEY MILLER television show, has a nice, small role in the film and he gets out before it goes downhill.

I was going to say that with better writing, direction and acting, this film could have been another "CRASH," but that is like saying, with youth,strength and talent, I could be TIGER WOODS.

Both Lakeview Terrace and I, have dug ourselves into too deep a hole to support such
lofty aspirations.

The film is watchable, but it is far from memorable; there was the foundation for a much better film than what is on the screen.

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