Using the expertise of University of S.C, Upstate junior students, Ellen Smith and Franchezka Westwood, for their knowledge of the book, we have arrived at these conclusions concerning “Angels & Demons:”
1. This film is superior to “The Da Vinci Code.”
2. Tom Hanks makes “Prof. Robert Langdon” come alive as a real person.
3. The plot is complex and totally unpredictable, yet those who have not read the book can follow it, but naturally the novel readers will be ahead of the game.
4. The decision to compress so much action into five hectic hours is unrealistic and distracting, but the intensity of the drama lessens this flaw.
5. The casting is just excellent. and the Vatican and Rome are central characters in the story, the set designers are assured of professional honors.
6. We were unanimous on the star rating - giving it three out of four stars. They throw in a great deal of unrealistic happenings at the end.

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