I had no knowledge of what “UP” was about or who was in it.
During the first third of this movie, I sat in a dark theatre with tears in my eyes.
This animated movie presented such a beautiful picture of life, loyalty, youth and love, that I was emotionally shaken.
The classic Hollywood formula is boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy and girl find each other. This story does not vary from that grand pattern, but it presents the process in such a charming manner that “Casablanca” comes to mind. Only adults will fully appreciate the sweetness of the love between Ed Asner’s “Carl” and his darling “Ellie.”
The action of the last two thirds will appeal to the younger audience members, while keeping the adults attention. Christopher Plummer and Delroy Lindo supply their characters
with strong voices to move the story along.
A wonderful story having values to share with all ages. There is an intensity to the violence in the story that might scare pre-school children.

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