I enjoyed this film. This is not an important film, it is not a movie that you have to see, no one will be talking about this film two weeks from now, but it is a well made movie.
Using the Charles Dickens classic, “A Christmas Carol,” as the framework for a modern day romantic comedy was a fine idea.
Casting Matthew McConaughey for the male lead, while he is just below the boundary line of being too old for the part was a good choice. Using Jennifer Garner as the love interest was smart, she has that girl next door charm that an audience can appreciate. Michael Douglas, Anne Archer and Robert Forster are professionals and really contribute solid performances that help sell the story.
This is a fine movie for those who go to the theatre to relax and enjoy a break from reality.
Males will enjoy the fabulous women and females will embrace the affirmation of the power of romance and love to transform we shallow men into worthy mates.

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