I met Will Chang of Easley and his mom just before the start of “Ice Age.”
I explained that I wanted Will’s opinion of the movie. Will is only seven years old, but wise beyond his years.
Will also had the advantage over me, he saw the first two “Ice Age” films.
I was told that this was the best of the three. The young dinosaurs were the greatest characters in the movie.
Will’s mom warned that pre-school age kids might be frightened by the aggressive large dinosaurs, but the creatures will relax in due time.
Franchezka Westwood, a U.S.C. junior, felt this third edition was aimed at a much younger target audience and the story line will not appeal to those over 16 years old.
The generation gap is widening in this on-going saga. THE PRODUCERS OBVIOUSLY FEEL THEIR MARKET IS THE YOUNGER SET.

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