Before reaching the theatre, I told my son, George Donald, this will be a four star movie:
1. Johnny Depp is the star
2.Christian Bale is in a top supporting role -I THINK HE LIKES BEING SECOND BANANA
3. Michael Mann is the director - HE KEEPS LARGE FILMS ON COURSE
4. Giovanni Ribisi and Stephan Lang will be great to watch, they are scene stealer's, no matter the size of their roles.
Once again, father knows best; this is a wonderful movie.
Casting Marion Cotillard as the love interest was the final piece of this grand puzzle; the role required a fresh face.

The story is full of violence, but the story is not lost in the violence, it is about people and the search for virtue in a world that promotes greed and corruption.

One warning , it is long, but worth the time.

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