A wonderful set of parents, escorting their super intelligent youngsters to the movies, formed my panel this week to evaluate “G-Force.”

Trey Michael Thompson, 3rd grader, from Taylors – loved the dance scene finale.

Connor J. Mayer of Sterling CTSC, saw the themes of betrayal and redemption, though not in those exact words.

His sister, Amy Mayer of Sterling CTSC, felt the only female character, “Juarez,” played by Penelope Cruz, was also the most outstanding of the heroic group.

Big brother, Brandon Mayer of St. Joseph’s, was drawn to the action of the car chase in the final chapter of the film, but being a Boy Scout, he would never drive that way.

St. Joseph classmate, Neva Jacobsen, felt the plots went in too many directions, she was not very impressed.

Josh of Sarah Collins Elementary, saw the moral of the story as the need to be kind to others. I salute, Mom and Dad Mayer, Ms. Thompson-Long and Josh’s mom, Courtney, for how well they are raising this new generation.

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