When a movie is being reviewed, a strange thing can happen; a major production can get a low rating and a minor film can get a high rating. This happens because one criterion is how close the movie came to meeting its target.
If a film aims high it may fail and if a film aims for a modest level of quality, it may achieve that level.
We tend to be tough on films with high aspirations.

“ All About Steve” is just a middle of the road, pleasant enough comedy, not good enough to be good and not bad enough to be bad.
Age-wise, Sandra Bullock is at the outer limit to play her character, a 30 something lonely heart and Bradley Cooper is too young for his role as a potential fiancé.
This is a made for television movie, no need to travel away from home to see it. “All About Steve” won’t cause you to love it or hate it, it is basic escapist entertainment .

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