I liked this film, which does not make it a good film, but fortunately for me, the elements of a good film are all present in “SURROGATES.”
Bruce Willis does a nice job as the same type of man he played so well in “16 BLOCKS.” A burned out lawman, but able to rise to the occasion and see his case through to the conclusion, no matter how difficult the task.
The blending of science fiction, represented by highly skilled robots and the everyday trials and tribulations of human existence is superb.
The investigation of a violence street crime is used as the catalyst to raise all sorts of philosophical ideas about the natural of human beings and society: justice, prejudice, love, beauty, life and death. The ideas and moral judgments you confront in this movie, are what
makes it worth seeing.
It stumbles at times, but that is a small price to pay to see a movie that actually expects and encourages the audience to think.

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