I did not want to see any picture associated with director Roland Emmerich after suffering thru his earlier film, “The Day After Tomorrow.”

Kyle Jenkins, a senior at Mauldin High and a serious movie fan, said he rated this film very high. I am glad I listened to his opinion. The special effects are just flat out sensational. The work of the cast is very good: John Cusack, Danny Glover,
Thandie Newton, Oliver Platt, WOODY HARRELSON
and the central actor, with a name you can’t pronounce, Chiewetel Ejiofor.
This film runs 158 minutes, that is a long time to sit in the dark, but this film is worth the
investment. I figured this for just a special effects driven, poorly plotted film, designed for the teenage market with a video game mindset. Much like the excellent, “ Batman - The Dark Knight,” “2012” becomes important because it has the one ingredient that so many recent films lack, the plot is compelling – tremendously compelling. You won’t just sit and watch the story, you will be forced to take sides, make judgments, feel outrage and guilt. There are a lot of over the top action sequences that are very unrealistic, but the moral issues are the driving force behind this film. Director Emmerich has done very well.

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