This movie will not do well at the box office. It has no foul language, walks gingerly around an extra marital affair, has no nude scenes, both blood and gore
are absent. This is a straight down the line biography of the high and low points in the life of revolutionary female airplane pilot, Amelia Earhart during the 1930s.

There is nothing very creative about the film. It is solid and has wonderful production values.
“Amelia” is true old school filmmaking; I expected to see Clark Gable or
Bette Davis appear on the screen at any moment.
I can’t imagine anyone under age 40 really getting into this romantic drama. It is strictly adult fare and that is very rare these days. It has a History Channel persona and no surprises -- it marches in a clear north to south line and lacks any need for the viewer to get involved emotionally until the very last moments.
Hilary Swank and Richard Gere are fine in their roles.

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