Theater managers Charles Rabun and Randy Frachiseur asked my opinion of the film, “Invictus.”
My answer put a smile on their faces, I told them to order extra popcorn and candy for the concession stand.
It is my heartfelt opinion that Clint Eastwood is incapable of making a bad film. I can’t think of a director since Frank Capra, who was so synch with the American movie going public.
Clint makes all the right decisions about:
his stories
the cast
the proper moment to end a scene
avoiding clichés and trite material
When you put Eastwood behind the camera and Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon in front of the lens, you are going to have a winner.
The film had me overcome with emotion on several occasions, not due to manipulation, but due to solid, basic, honest story telling.
When you have a man in a prison cell for 27 years and he becomes the leader of his nation, no cheap theatrics are needed to enhance that tale, the drama is inherent.
If you miss this film, you are cheating yourself of a wonderful experience. This is a quality film from start to finish.

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