This film tells the same basic story as “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” A boy is trying to connect with his dad and earn the man’s respect after the death of the mother. The main difference is, DRAGON works and MEATBALLS didn’t.
The tremendous range of colors captivates the eye. The creative flair inherent in each of the characters, humans and animals is extraordinary. They all stand out as worthy of your attention.
There is a meaning to all the actions, this is not a movie that waste time – the story in always growing and developing in every scene.
There are compelling themes throughout the film: courage, loyalty, self-sacrifice, prejudice and the overcoming of prejudice, the clash between good and evil.
This story will play well for children from age 5 to adults balancing their bills against their pension. When a well developed project such as this reaches the screen, you can be sure there was an army of very competent professionals working together.
This is a quality film, almost as good as “UP,” which is the standard for judging any modern animated feature film.
Take the kids and watch it with them, you will all enjoy the experience.

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