“Bounty Hunter” is a romantic comedy.
I have just told you all you need to know about this film. There is romance and comedy.
The romance is nice. The comedy is nice.
There is nothing bad or wrong with this film. There is nothing great or very good about this movie.
I am here because I am suppose to have some writing skills, but I don’t have the talent to say a great deal about this film beyond it being a perfectly generic representation of a romantic comedy.
Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are in this film – they are in about six of any ten films showing at a multiplex theater. My son is in the film as a extra in a dinner scene and I forgot to look for him. I read a review where the critic hated this film – I envy her that burst of passion. I just sat calmly and watched a film that was okay – not good enough to rave about and not bad enough to crusade against. I guess my message would be to wait for this on television.

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