“The Killers” is a very ambitious movie; It is trying to be a romantic comedy and yet, has a theme, as the title alerts you, concerning murder.
Blending humor and the dark side of violence is a formidable task. This film pulls it off far better than I expected.
Seeing Ashton Kutcher in the lead role was a red flag to me, but he did a fine job. Katherine Heigl is usually asked to do less than she does in this costarring role and she too rises to the occasion.
The background of this entire cast is made up of actors who are more noted for television roles, than Hollywood films and yet, they pull it off very well. Tom Selleck, Martin Mull,
Katherine O'Hara
and the singer, USHER are all fine in their roles.
It is difficult to mention much about the plot and not give away information that would spoil the presentation. Just keep in mind that nothing is as it seems for very long as the story unfolds and that is one reason it holds your interest. The dark side is never allowed to get too dark, for too long and that reflects a well written screenplay and good direction.
I saw this film with a gentleman in the audience who laughed at every punch line and enjoyed himself so much, he added to my enjoyment – I hope you like this film half as much as he did. I regret not interviewing him.

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