I want to thank James Moser, at the HOLLYWOOD MOVIE THEATRE IN GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA, a man who keeps up with the contemporary film world.

I mentioned to him that this movie seemed to have a great deal of negative press and I did not know why. James explained that writer / director M. Night Shyamalan ( of “Sixth Sense” fame ) took liberties with the original material that this tale was based on and purist objected to these changes.
I had never heard of the story, so I approached it without malice. I can’t speak for the “Airbender” fans, but I know I would be upset if, for example, Batman wore a white suit.

I was impressed by the overall story of a young boy who could bring peace to the world, if he could elude those out to assassinate him and terrorize all who resisted them.

The acting was far from great, the writing was often the blame for the flawed acting. Yet, I enjoyed the adventure and Noah Ringer was excellent as the pre-teenage peacemaker.
SHAUN TOUB, was top notch as the wise uncle of an exiled prince.

If you cut this film some slack, it is not bad and the running time is reasonable at 103 minutes.

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