“Predators” has noble aspirations. It has a classic theme about survival of the fittest. Using that as a starting point, it touches on many of the great themes in philosophy.

The need for team work, yet the rights of the individual must be recognized.

Compassion for the weak and helpless, but the need to place the good of the group first over the concerns for a single member.
The need to put aside petty differences and prejudices for the good of the larger society.

We see how individual talents, knowledge and skills can come forth from unexpected sources and save lives.
The motto of this film could well be – “Never Say Die.”

The only female in the cast is symbolic of both virtue and justice.

I am describing an Academy Award worth scenario. Sadly, while all the ground work was in
place for a grand saga of epic deeds, the producers decided that it would be better to fire more bullets, drop more bombs, throw more knives and beat more creatures and people to death in order to attract a larger teenage audience.
The fine acting was sacrificed, the subtle psychological plots were thrown out to make time for more mayhem. A fine beginning ends up as just another “Monsters Gone Wild” movie.

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