My favorite baseball player, Derek Jeter of the NEW York Yankees, is in this movie for about one minute; that alone makes it worth seeing.
One way to evaluate a movie is by how close it comes to achieving what it sets out to do. Using that standard, “The Other Guys” does very well.
If you are going to measure it against classic comedies, it may be found lacking, but ranking it against films released in the summer of 2010, it stands pretty tall.
I enjoyed this film and I think most people will find it humorous and humorous is pretty much what a comedy is suppose to be.
It is not slick and it does not flow smoothly at times. but the outrageous and off the wall
moments heal all wounds. Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Michael Keaton and Eva Mendes have fun with all the clich├ęs found in the “buddy cop” genre.
This is a 2010 version of the “Naked Gun” classics and it was very good at satirizing itself.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GUEST COMMENT ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
‘The Other Guys" is a cops and robbers film with a little more heart than most. Despite the requisite raunchy dialogue, needed to create the police precinct atmosphere, the movie is still pretty hilarious and there is no one you can truly dislike. Even the bad guys, engaged in basic white collar crime, are not so terrible. The two leads, Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg are excellent as cop partners, who are total opposites. They are the department jokes, and every little detail about them reinforces this position, but we actually begin to like them as the plot develops. The supporting cast has the quirkiest characters, and each new scene and development unfolds with an air of expectancy that does not disappoint.
Great energy, fast action, and funny dialogue combine to make this an enjoyable movie.

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