Great News - the running time was 95 minutes.

I suspected there was an international conspiracy to have all films run over two hours for no good reason related to the story.

The problem I have with “LOTTERY TICKET” is the inconsistent tone of the film. It fluctuates back and forth between childishly low comedy and deep philosophical insights into the meaning of life.

I was not always sure that the writers knew what kind of film they wanted to make. I suspect others will have my sense of confusion about this film and its mixture of high and low comedy.

There are fine scenes and very interesting characters and situations that test the moral fiber of both the individuals and the community where they reside. Bow Wow is good in his role as a reluctant hero, Charlie Murphy is excellent as the neighborhood gossipmonger. Naturi Naughton is the “good girl.” Ice Cube steals the movie as the mysterious recluse with a passion for justice.

I also want to mention other cast members -

TERRY CREWS ^ as the not so tough, tough guy

TEAIRRA MARI ^ as the pretty gold-digger

KEITH DAVID ^ as the prosperous loan shark

MIKE EPPS ^ as the worst kind of money hungry preacher

CHRIS WILLIAMS ^ as the nerd shoe salesman.

GBENGA AKINNAGBE ^ playing LORENZO, a clone of DEEBO, the neighborhood thug part that TINY LISTER had in the 1995 film, "FRIDAY" - which is more or less the origin of this movie.

Not a great film, not as good as FRIDAY, but also not a film you should miss.

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