“The Takers” has all the trappings, all the style points, all the hip characters and an action packed plot. So, the question is, why doesn’t it work to make this a good film?

The story is built around six young bank robbers with a grand sense of style in their thievery. They do everything with a theatrical touch. They are a mix of showmen and robbers, always looking to add a touch of dramatic flair to their capers.
The problem is, the audience never really cares about them. Each robber gets time to tell something about their inner-being, but they fail to personally involve the audience in their world.
Matt Dillon and Jay Hernandez “steal” the show as detectives with really interesting personal and professional concerns. The story is focused on the robbers, but the audience cares more about the cops.
The story takes some very illogical turns when these intelligent crooks make some very foolish decisions and then a grand shootout is used to keep us interested, but we have seen this
scene too many times in too many films.
“The Takers” starts off as something special, but ends up as more bullets than brains when it is all said and done. Not a horrible movie, just not very good.
These cast members will help sell this film to younger movie goers and active cougars:
ZOE SALDANA will keep the male viewers focused for the few moments she is on screen,with
absolutely no lines or too few for me to recall.

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