The fun part of being a critic is to ride to the rescue of the public; to warn the general populace that this or that film is not worthy of their time and money. Once a film is deemed a nightmare, the critic is free to attack the production with gusto. I won’t be able to send up any red flags concerning “The Town.” This is a fine motion picture. The story could have gone overboard and off track at several points, but this was a well thought out scenario and the temptation to dumb down the film was resisted. This story has a lot of gun play and car crashes, but the action never overpowers the storylines of crime, punishment, loyalty, insanity, love, greed and salvation. “The Town” has all these elements and each is given time to develop; the two hours and four minutes of this movie fly by and that is always a good sign.

Writer, Director, Star, Ben Affleck and the entire cast can be proud of their work on this project.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^COMMENT FROM RICHIE K. IN BROOKLYN ^^^^^^^^^
The theater was packed for an afternoon show.
I thought the picture was top notch from beginning to end. Fine acting throughout. With the expansion of more nominations for Academy Awards - I think the film is worthy of a BEST Picture nomination. Spontaneous applause broke out at the end.

All and all an enjoyable 2 hrs.+ at the movies!


Entertaining film that couldn't maintain pace at the end.

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George D Gaffney said...

Entertaining film that couldn't maintain pace at the end.