This movie is not as good as the first installment. This edition has all the bells and whistles, but lack any real emotional appeal to the audience. There is an ongoing drama between the legendary
Gordon Gekko character, played by Michael Douglas and his estranged daughter, played by Carey Mulligan.
The role of the daughter was either: poorly written, poorly directed, poorly acted or all three.
I never cared about her, she came off to me as a nut and nothing would please her, so the time devoted to her subplot was wasted time. This movie tried to go in too many directions and
ended up with no clear resolution that mattered to me.
The original movie was the big money guys versus the little working folks. This film is more about the big guys fighting it out for bragging rights and I did not care.
I don’t think anyone will be discussing this film around the water cooler, there is nothing compelling about this movie. It looks nice, but has no heartfelt impact on the
The highlight of this film is a surprise cameo appearance – it is not a good sign when a 90 second cameo is the best thing in a two hour movie

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