"Limitless" makes a few missteps here and there in its journey across the silver screen, but you should not miss the trip.
The idea that a person can take a drug and function at the highest level of intelligence is not beyond belief and that is a big plus; we accept the premise and only have to judge how star, Bradley Cooper, will handle this powerful pharmaceutical "gift."
Abbie Cornish is the good looking girlfriend and Anna Friel is the bad looking ex-wife; both are excellent in key roles.
I was not impressed with the Donald Trump like character played by Robert DeNiro - His character was not as strong as the story writers seemed to want him to be - he was sort of the
king with no clothes. DeNiro was fine, the character was not up to the hype in the story. So, you wonder why super intelligent BRADLEY COOPER, was kowtowing to this man.
Some of the scenes are just beautiful to watch.
"Limitless" is worth the price of admission - these days, that is high praise indeed.

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