Here is how you can tell "X Men First Class," is a good movie: the acting meant something. Think about it, with things blowing up all over the place and special effects so important to the film, the actors still dominated the story. Don't take Kevin Bacon for granted; he never "mails in a performance." He makes every character, in every film, his own personal creation. Joining him in making this more than a childish special effects extravaganza, are James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.
I have to salute the director, Matthew Vaughn and the writers for giving their audience credit for being intelligent enough to appreciate the moral, social and religious themes explored in this film.
I did not want to see it, I knew nothing about these characters, now, I appreciate their plight and the rough road they have to traverse, no matter which direction they travel.
The story is more than explosions.

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